“Prior to turning to Harrah and Associates we had used out prior agent for over fifteen years. We simply do not make changes for incremental savings. You saved Hughes Enterprises over 40% on our annual premium while at the same time increasing our coverage in key areas. In addition, your expert advice in critical business issues helped us gain valuable insight into deficiencies with our old coverage.”- Neal Magaziner, Vice President, Hughes Enterprises

“My impression of Harrah and Associates is that they are large enough to have leverage with their underwriters with regards to pricing and paying claims, but they are small enough so that my company’s business matters to them. We have had a very positive experience with Harrah and Associates and have no reason to believe that you would experience anything different. “- Steve Matejka, Owner, Campus Fund Raisers Inc

“In addition to reducing our annual premiums, you provided us with a much needed review of our insurance requirements, identifying many areas where our previous policies had left us exposed. You took the time to understand all aspects of our business and recommend what I believe to be the best insurance coverage that is tailored to our needs.
The few times that it was necessary to file a claim, your staff reacted immediately and handled every aspect of the claim with literally no disruption to my organization. They acted as the focal point and handled all the phone calls, paperwork and follow up.”- David George, President, Gateway Petroleum Technology

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